The Blunderbeast drools and snarls.The spaceman waves his gun around.He is a bit drunk.Life goes on.

Jungle Landing

A delicate jungle landing form an Eighties style spaceship.

Squashi Land

A exploratory vehicle wrecks the delicate jelly landscape.

MBJ's Art Download with Album!!

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Cit of Stench and Steam

A landing in a high tech place.


The brave Knight discovers something unsettling.

Ether Captain

The Ether Captain flies through the Ether on his trusted craft/creature, originally a Moon Eagle, until he removed a thorn from it’s foot, and took it to the workshop for some heavy engineering.It feeds on Phlogiston.


A mechanoid attacks a furry animal, who may be it's best friend. It's body is steel but it's tears are real.

Space Madness

The demented Zahtron destroys the harmless planet because he is afraid of the colour blue.Special laughing afraid.