That F#@!ing Cat

This isn't really science fiction, it's just an extreme cartoon, but I'm quite proud of it so it's here.There's some nice digital paintings in it.Not for Kids!!

The Space Song

Animated video featuring genuine Apollo footage, song by the MBJ music project.

The Eye of the Gods

The Eye of the Gods attacks the space habitat with the Tentacle of the Gods.Will the rescue ship get there in time!Or will they panic and run away like they usually do!Stay tuned for no further updates.

Disorient Express

The Disorient Express steams ahead like progress itself.An exciting moment in the Age of Steam.

Mr Fluppy Escapes

Mr Fluppy is prepared for the primitive goons massing behind him, ready to protect the Temple of Gwoom.He has stolen the ritual Dagger of Eternal Harm, which he plans to use, when he's not slapping them with his highly evolved button pressing flippers.

Look Out, Tentacles!

Those things really get in the way...

Alien Girl Rhonda

Alien Girl, popular amongst the soldiers of Area 51.She knows how to party.

Monster City

Life goes on as usual in Monster City.Nothing to see here.Except your favorite maggot.

Golden Years

The Meeping Boy in his electric Galumphatron.Soon he will go and curl up in his Meeping Box.

Starship Cruiser

The battleship grinds through space with an abrasive scraping sound.

Cliffs of Squalangrad

Zagreb had seen these things before, somehow the scene reminded him of something off a 1970's panel van.

Dental Hell

Welcome to Dental Hell.It has a tongue on it's forehead so it can clean the tears away from it's lidless, staring eye.It hopes to eat things that drop out of the sky, like that puppy farm transport helicopter.

Neon Horror

The creature flexes is hideous mouth mechanism, putting you off your noodles.


The Blunderbeast drools and snarls.The spaceman waves his gun around.He is a bit drunk.Life goes on.

Jungle Landing

A delicate jungle landing form an Eighties style spaceship.

Squashi Land

A exploratory vehicle wrecks the delicate jelly landscape.

MBJ's Art Download with Album!!

Get this...The MBJ music project is giving away 3 A4 print quality jpegs of classic MBJ paintings from the vault with every $4 download of the above MBJ music project album, The Wind Through My Ears.This is a rare opportunity to enjoy the multi-platform works of MBJ.You would be paying much more for these Art images elsewhere.As well as receiving a unique and entertaining album of 13 tracks.Enjoy the MBJ.Below are the images that you'd get....

Cit of Stench and Steam

A landing in a high tech place.


The brave Knight discovers something unsettling.

Ether Captain

The Ether Captain flies through the Ether on his trusted craft/creature, originally a Moon Eagle, until he removed a thorn from it’s foot, and took it to the workshop for some heavy engineering.It feeds on Phlogiston.


A mechanoid attacks a furry animal, who may be it's best friend. It's body is steel but it's tears are real.

Space Madness

The demented Zahtron destroys the harmless planet because he is afraid of the colour blue.Special laughing afraid.

The SpaceMan Cometh (recording)

This is a song I recorded several years ago, recently re-mastered, a tribute, or perhaps parody, of/to Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds album.This was the first album I owned as a 8 year old, it blew my mind and the cover art booklet was awesome.It's mainly electronic, recorded on a modified MC 505.

Future Brain

I think brain hacking will be a big problem in the future, as will be finding drivers so you can do maths.


An historical picture of popular entity, Thorg.He holds the Egg of Morbius, a symbol of Middle Management.

Future You

What if you from the future came back, and told you not to bother...?

Holiday in Dystopia

A strange despot urges his oppressed masses to work towards an ominous end.I think the little blobs are holding their picks with static electricity.

Absortion by Blob

A cartoon about Blobs.I worry about them.

The Fourth Dimension

Short Sci Fi Movie by MBJ enterprises, with a huge production staff of one.The idea was to make a Sci Fi movie, which, like Hollywood, had a preposterous concept at the heart of it, in this case, the explanation of how to see the Fourth Dimension and it's inhabitants.Enjoy, if your mind can handle it.

The Descent of Traag

A short sequential art thing, originally published in Aurealis magazine.An exciting diarama of action and atmosphere, which avoids the pitfall of having main characters, a common mistake made by young writers these days.

BumFight 4000

An angry clone of Charles Darwin prepares to do do battle with another derelict cyborg, although he looks like he might die of natural causes.This probably happens a lot.I think they are fighting over the batteries which they run on.No one can remember who built them this way, except for Darwin, who hotted up his rig himself.

Planet of the Laser Beast

The brave humans leave their  dinky blue spaceship to observe, scientifically, the laser emitting Laser Beast.This is a triumph of creature design, as it would burn a hole in everything it looks at and it's own eyelids.I suspect Superman has this problem.

CaveMan Sci Fi

A simple cartoon about Cavemen and their Sci Fi.Cavemen are cool, and these are probably the most accurate you've ever seen.I remember when this blog was in Science Fiction stories.